#WhyWasteItWednesdays: Tortilla Pizzas

I’m not sure if my pleasure for making dinner out of leftovers comes from my distaste in wasting food, or my love for a challenge.. either way, I love making these little guys. I open my fridge and and rummage through my leftovers and miscellaneous frozen vegetables I keep on tap. Possibilities are endless and all… Continue reading #WhyWasteItWednesdays: Tortilla Pizzas

Strawberry-Banana Protein Pan-Crepes

These might be the most guilt-free pancakes to ever exist. Good fats, no wheat, no gluten, and no yeast, and LOADED with protein. Like, loaded. Cooked easy like pancakes, but I call them pan-crepes because of their thin consistency. Heres the deets: *Note: this recipe is made for one serving. Double ingredients per person. Ingredients:… Continue reading Strawberry-Banana Protein Pan-Crepes