Defending the Swine, and also a Guide to Italian Pork

Put down your pitchforks, its just a blog.

I am forever having the defend my relationship with swine. I grew up with it. There was never a day my mother didn’t have Salami in the house. And its not like I eat it every day. Not even every week. Really, once a month if we’re being honest. Because I AM health conscious, I know and understand that outside of the loin, pork is not a lean meat that should be consumed regularly.

However, calling it dirty, in my opinion is asinine. (And in my experience, usually by people who eat all meat but pork). My argument is as follows: Shellfish is dirty. Shrimp are the rats of the sea. Lobster and crabs are dirty. We pay high dollar for ocean road kill.

Then the whole “pigs eat anything”-thing. Okay look, have you ever raised a goat??? Goats eat ANYTHING. No one ever says anything about the goat on your gyro who maybe consumed a couple shoe laces and a tennis ball before his passing.

All I am saying is that in moderation, pork can bring so much flavor to your dishes. And in times where you can substitute chicken or turkey sausage, totally do it. But sometimes you just need the swine.

I digress.

I do suggest however, with all meat you consume, to buy organic and local when available. I find it very important to know where my meat comes from.

Anyhow, I pretty much only use pork when I’m making Italian dishes. Especially for sauces that need to cook all day. Here is a handy guide to choosing the right cut of meat for your meal:

swine guide



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